TO MARK INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY, MONDAY 12TH AUGUST, This Youth Generation: Are today’s youth leaders of tomorrow?

A youth  anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 .it is estimated that over one billion of the world population are youths  They are the owners and leaders of tomorrow.  Scholars have continued to buttress the importance of youths to economic and political development

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Don’t be a follower, be a leader.”in  Dealing with youth, I often add a second phrase, ”but a leader must have a lead to follow.”

What does it take to be a true leader? Is this generation of youth prepared to take the lead of a movement that stands for positive change? Some are doubtful, believing our children are too distracted with pop culture video games and reality shows to have a clue.

The most successful movements were orchestrated by the youth. The civil rights era was a youth movement. Many of the historical stands against unjust policies were initiated by college students.

Today’s youth generation have lost their way by being followers of dangerous trends.

As a result, the world is besieged by a high rate of violence (physical, mental and psychological to mention but a few), xenophobia, social injustice and most alarming are bioethics questions bothering on sexual identity, abortion, eugenics, cloning etc

These distractions has drawn them away from positive and productive life which would have enhanced quality and qualitative leadership skills.

We are experiencing an alarming amount of violence, racial tension and social injustices recently.

challenges facing young people today

1. Lack of employment opportunities

2. Failure to succeed in education system

3. Issues related to body image

4. Family problems

5. Substance abuse

6. Pressures of materialism

7. Lack of affordable housing

8. Negative stereotyping

9. Pressures of 24-hour social networking

10. Crime



  • Paying apt attention to the needs of the youth.
  • Access to free skill acquisition centers.
  • Effectively dealing with peer pressure by setting up a mentorship group that helps boost self esteem.
  • Educating the youth about the biological, environmental and physical risk factors of substance abuse.
  • Creating avenues for the youths to have access to free scholarships both local and international.
  • Providing psychosocial support for the vulnerable youths.





Gold coast Developmental foundation has played a big role in resolving the challenges facing  bayelsan youths since one of our core focus is strategic youth development .


  • Support, initiate and provide quality capacity building for youths on strategic leadership, peace building and conflict resolution.
  • Advocate and support initiatives for inclusion of women and girls in community governance and peace development.
  • Youth entrepreneurial skills development and practices at community and local government level. Promote and provide career guidance and counselling to youth for creative life career empowerment and constructive engagement.
  • Through our Inspire2Apsire programme we provide mentorship for young people in secondary schools.


Goldcoast being a youth friendly organization located in Bayelsa, has Bayelsan youths as its core focused . We are working endlessly to implement innovative programs to have a youth friendly environment.An environment in which young people can easily get information about sexuality and family planning. have access to good health services and educational opportunities .An environment which respects the sexual and reproductive rights of young people especially the " girl child".