On October 11, 1946 the family of Mr. and Mrs. Oruama Nipe welcomed their third child. With utmost joy and gratitude to God Almighty, friends and family gathered Enimiyienye family in Esinikirizi quarters in Toru-Angiama town, Patani Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria to celebrate the birth of the rare gem they christened Goldcoast. She was such an adorable gift, a beauty to behold, as she grew to become a pride to humanity as a whole.


Goldcoast was so much loved by her parents; a deckhand (sailor) and a petty trader, who ensured they met the needs of their children irrespective of their lean resources. However, the loss of her father’s job took a toll on the family and her mother felt the need to explore other frontiers for their livelihood. Hence, she took Goldcoast (who was the youngest daughter) to her parent’s home at indiamazi Quaters in Sagbama town, Sagbama Local Government area of Bayelsa State. Goldcoast quickly adapted to her new environment and before long, she became known for her humility, as she assisted her mother in their daily endeavours for survival. This endeared her to her uncle, Mr Odubo Amgbakuro, who took personal charge of her in the family.


Goldcoast was admired by all, for her enthusiasm to embrace the challenges of life with cheerfulness. She would always encourage people to see the brighter side of life, regardless of their predicaments. Goldcoast was always willing to learn new things, as she joyfully accompanied her uncle, Odubo Amgbakuro on his business trips. It was on one of such trips to Toru-orua, that the vibrant gem was noticed by Princess Enuana Kpadia of Toru-Orua.
Soon, the Princess became fond of the humble, brilliant, beautiful and ever cheerful Goldcoast and took her to personal company and ensure this beautiful bride marries her son. Happy that she has found a future bride for her son, Princess Enuana Kpadia introduced Goldcoast to her son, Nanaye Dickson, who also took no quick notice of this wonderful and beautiful young Goldcoast. So years later, they got married.


Although Goldcoast was only equipped with her First School Leaving Certificate and pockets of knowledge from some informal and vocational training, she exhibited attributes of a shrewd business woman in all her endeavours.
Her intelligence and wisdom to tread where others failed propelled her to ensure that her children embraced formal education and the struggle paid off.


The steadfast strings of an achiever were very active in her gene, so Mama Gogo as she was fondly called never relented for a day. She would always dare the seasons to fend for her family year in, year out. She was indeed blessed with gifted hands, as she thrived in fishing, farming, Petty trading and other menial jobs to support her husband in the care of her family.


Mrs. Goldcoast Dickson was blessed with seven children; Henry Seriake Dickson, Ebuomotimi Steve Dickson, Akpholagha Dickson, Mrs Ebimoeboere Fafi, Mrs Faboperegha Mike, Moses Oruaze Dickson and Kemeaweregha Nancy Dickson.
Even when the cold hands of death snatched her husband in 2011, Mama Gogo remained resolute to the advancement of her children against all odds. She was a woman of ceaseless prayers. She became more committed in her trades and as a mother, so as to fortify the foundation of her family.
Mama was a fervent Christian who instilled in her children the daily need to be upright before God and humanity. She was a devoted wife, a loving mother and grandmother, an adorable sister, a philanthropist, a fervent Christian, a prayer warrior and a pillar of strength and hope to many. These unwavering legacies shaped so many, including her children and would remain indelible as it constitutes Mama’s firm position in the hearts of all who knew her.


She was indeed a good woman, a gift to humanity and a determined fighter to the end. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer at the Bayelsa State Diagnostic Center and referred to the United Kingdom for treatment, and later to the University of Texas, M.D Anderson Cancer Center, United States of America, Mama was still tough and mocking pain, hopeful and prayerful in her fight against cancer.

She refused to succumb to excruciating pains that kept pulling her down. She refused to be pitied, as she urged her children to move on with their lives even in that aching condition. Her ultimate aspiration was for her children and grandchildren to succeed and be happy in all their endeavours. Truly, Mama Gogo achieved her goals and she was indeed of an inestimable value to her family and society.
Surrounded by her children and grandchildren, Mrs. Goldcoast Dickson rested in the Lord on August 8, 2018.
We love you Mama, mother like no other; may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of God Almighty.

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